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Our services can include:

Kevin BernsteinOwner and Lawn Care Specialist
Kevin has traveled around the country in the former corporate realm of his career. He has always wanted to start his own business, something that he could build from the ground up. Kevin has worked doing home renovations with a company in New York as well. So he can do just about anything from minor roof repairs to dry wall to laying tile. Kevin loves to get his hands dirty in accomplishing his best work. If for any reason you see something that you don't like, let him know. He will correct it, guaranteed.

Kim BernsteinOwner and Bookkeeper
Kim is, of course, married to Kevin. I created this site, and anything else that helps to promote the company. I do the billing, taxes, website and the advertising. I can try to answer any questions you might have.

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You can reach us at (727) 361-LAWN.

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